121 Lessons

Provides the best way to get started for the majority of people training with Thornyoaks Gundogs.

Whether it's a brand new puppy or an older dog, it allows both the trainer and handler total focus on the individuals needs and a structured training plan can then be put in place to move forward or to remedy mistakes already made without the added distractions of other dogs and handlers.

Also an excellent way of evaluating dogs as to their suitability before moving onto the shooting field, group training or into competitions.

Group Training


A sociable way of meeting other like minded people and enjoying our hobby many enjoy group training.

We use Group Training as a way of measuring our progress with others and for the dogs themselves learning to cope with the added pressure of other dogs working. It is an essential requirement for working gundogs wanting to progress into competition or the shooting field.

Many people start with 121 lessons then as they progress join in with groups to continue to practice and test their skills on the situations we create.

Purpose Build Training Centre

Comprising of 15 acres of rough pasture and gently undulating grasslands the centre has been created with training for all levels of gundogs in mind.

  • short mown paddocks and long lanes
  • hedges and ditches
  • ponds
  • jumping wall
  • safe portable and permanent fences
  • purpose built ponds with island
  • areas of long cover strips
  • large open areas for long retrieves or walked up groups

Walked up/Driven Live game days

Live game training days are available both driven and walked up from early September onwards during the season.

Please contact us for costs and availability.

Please book well in advance as the days get booked quickly

Travel to your grounds/Group/club

We offer bespoke gundog training tailored to your own grounds, group, or club with our exclusive travel services. We bring our expertise directly to your location, offering personalised sessions that address your group's specific needs. Enhance your gundogs' skills in familiar surroundings, fostering optimal learning and real-world application. Elevate your training experience with convenience, flexibility, and expert guidance.

Residential training

Thornyoaks Gundogs are able to offer residential training for retrievers to a select few dogs .

The dogs will live and train with our team on a wide variety of different grounds providing a diverse and thorough structured education to the highest standards.

Residential training typically last between 3 - 6 months.

problem solving

Training for many years at different gundog clubs with members as well as clients dogs plus the numerous dogs we have trained for ourselves has not only allowed us to develop very successful methods of training but allowed us to gain a vast wealth of experience in helping people sort out specific problems they have encountered on their journey to a well trained gundog.